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Citrus Holds is a new climbing holds manufacturer. Even though we are a new brand we have top quality holds at excellent prices. The owner, Louis Hay, started shaping holds for his climbing gym Plein d'air centre d'escalade located in Granby (1 hour east of Montreal in Quebec, Canada) to bring a new  dynamic to his routes. Comfortable, great colours and the best texture are the main characteristics of Citrus Holds and we are 100% sure you and your customers will love squeezing them.

The shop is inside a gym so the testing of the new shapes is done instantly to bring only the best ones to the market. We only use 100% polyurethane on every holds so they are as durable and lightweight as possible. We do not compromise quality by adding filler to cut cost. We will also hollow back our holds whenever possible to bring the cost and weight to the lowest.

Thanks for visiting our online store and happy climbing!



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